LLM Developer

Are you passionate about shaping the future of language technology? Avianna, a trailblazer in AI robotics, is searching for an LLM Developer to contribute to our language processing projects and join our dynamic team.

About Us:

Avianna is leading the charge in state-of-the-art AI for robotics, reshaping the landscape of human-machine interaction and redefining the role of robots.

Role Highlights:

As an LLM Developer at Avianna, you’ll have the opportunity to:
– Develop and implement advanced language models and natural language processing algorithms.
– Design conversational interfaces, chatbots, and virtual assistants for various applications.
– Collaborate with linguists and data scientists to enhance language understanding capabilities.
– Stay current with evolving language technology trends and integrate new techniques.
– Ensure accuracy and naturalness in language processing outputs.

Required Skills:

– Strong programming skills in languages like Python, with experience in libraries such as NLTK or spaCy.
– Familiarity with linguistic theories and language processing techniques.
– Previous experience in developing chatbots or virtual assistants is a plus.
– Innovative mindset and adaptability to emerging language technology trends.

Preferred Skills:

– Experience in AI-driven language technology projects.
– Understanding of machine learning concepts and algorithms.
– Effective teamwork and communication skills.

Why Avianna:

– Enjoy a balanced work-life with flexible hours.
– Thrive in a remote work setup.
– Experience rapid career growth.
– Contribute to a supportive and collaborative environment.

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